What Is Object Code

Object code

A program which is easy to readable for machine is known as object code. For example assembly language and binary digit code. The object code is produce through the compiler and assembler, which helps the user to convert the source code into object code. Object code needs a system specific platform in which machine understand and read the code. Object code is the system architecture code. Suppose a machine have an object code to run it but it is not possible for another machine to run the same object code until then both machine support same language. Object code is also work as reflected, If the source code is modify and change in the program then it’s need to compile the code each time when the changes are occur in the program. Object file have some common object file format, For example “.exe”.   

Procedure of writing object code:

A compiler take the high level programming language code through the programmer, then the converter starts process and make a low level language according to the machine readable after the process it make the output of an object code and deliver to machine.

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