MS Word Shortcut Keys

ActionShortcut Keys
Bullet listCtrl + Shift + L
Bold textCtrl + B
Cancel textESC
Apply center paragraph Ctrl + E
Find textCtrl + F
Cut Ctrl + V
UndoCtrl + Z
New documentCtrl + N
Justify paragraphCtrl + J
Outline viewAlt + Ctrl + O
Print page previewCtrl + F2
Italic fontCtrl + I
Insert hyperlinkCtrl + K
Apply small size textCtrl + Shift + K
Removing unwanted part of imageCropping
Thesaurus toolSynonyms and Antonyms
Minimum numbers of rows and columns1 x 1
Landscape isPage orientation
Default page orientationPortrait
To spell checkF7
Microsoft wordApplication software
Which is not a font styleSuperscript

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