MS Power Point Shortcut Keys

ActionShortcut Keys
To open presentationCtrl + O
To create new presentationCtrl + N
To save a presentationCtrl + S
To print a presentationCtrl + P
To close a presentationCtrl + W
To insert a new slideCtrl + M
For help in powerpointF1
To cut textCtrl + X
To undo in powerpointCtrl + Z
To copy in powerpointCtrl + C
To paste in powerpointCtrl + V
Redo / RepeatCtrl + Y
Find in powerpointCtrl + F
Select all in powerpointCtrl + A
Goto next slideNext Key
Goto previous slideBack Key
Start slide sowShift + F5
End slideshowESC
Left alight textCtrl + L
Centre alignCtrl + E
To justify text in powerpointCtrl + J
Which is not part of slide designSlide layout

Khubab Hamza

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