MS Excel Shortcut Keys

ActionShortcut Keys
Help F1
To repeat last actionF4
“GoTo” TabF5
Print dialogue box in excelCtrl + P
To underline textCtrl + U
To copy textCtrl + C
To paste textCtrl + V
To cut text in MS excelCtrl + X
RedoCtrl + Y
To open new work bookCtrl + N
To insert current dateCtrl + :
To bold textCtrl + B
To replace textCtrl+ H
To minimize work bookCtrl + F9
To apply outline borderCtrl + Shift + 7
To delete one characterBack Space
To insert a new worksheetAlt + Shift + F1
To open visual basic editorAlt + F11
Comments put in cell are calledCell Tip
To select an entire columnClick column heading letter
To apply general number formulaCtrl + Shift + N

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