Main Features Of Java Programming Language

Simple: The essentials of Java came from a programming language called C++. As we all know the c++ is a quiet impressive language but the syntax is complex and it is incomplete for java’s requirement. Java has made life simpler by evacuating all the complexities, for example, pointers, operator overloading as you see in C++ or some other programming language.

Portable: Java is an independent language which implies that any project or application develop on one platform can be easily run on another platform without facing any issues and difficulties.

Object-oriented: Object oriented programming is a programming way which is related with the concepts like class, object, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism. An item based application in Java depends on declare the classes, making objects from them and interact between these objects.

Security: The code is changed over in byte-code after assemble, which isn’t readable by a human. What’s more, java doesn’t use an express pointer and run the projects inside the sandbox to avoid any untrusted sources. It allows us to create virus free frameworks and applications. Since Java was initially focusing on cell phones that would exchange information over through networks, it was develop to make a significant level of security.

Dynamic: It has the quality to adjust to an environment which holds dynamic memory location because of which memory wastage is decreased and execution of the application is expanded.

Distributed: Java gives an access which allows us to making distributed applications. By the help of Remote Method Invocation (RMI), a program can create a strategy for another program over a system and get the outcome. You can control the files by calling the method from any machine on the internet.

Reliable: Java expected to decrease the probability of errors from developer. Java has a strong memory management. It helps in taking out mistake as it checks the code during compile and run time.

Khubab Hamza

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