Class 12 Biology Chapter 25

HBSS provides an online platform for students. This will enable students to get ideas and information about important questions of their subjects. Physics, Chemistry, Biology are important Science subjects that need more attention and focus. We provide you with questions and their point of reference. We provide you important questions of each grade from class 1 to 2nd year.

Here are some reasons why our study question will be important for students in their board tests.

  • Our Experience teachers made these questions based on deep learning.
  • Our answers are easy to read and understand for students.
  • Save students time by giving them key questions for each chapter’s.

These are some important questions of Biology for class 12 :

  1. What are the biogeochemical cycles?
  2. Define ecosystem.
  3. Define biosphere.
  4. Differentiate between population & community.
  5. Differentiate between habitat and ecological niche.
  6. Differentiate between autecology & synecology.
  7. Differentiate between food chain and food web.
  8. Differentiate between commensalism and mutualism.
  9. What is soil erosion?
  10. Define the productivity of an ecosystem.

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