Class 12 Biology All Important Questions

HBSS provides an online platform for students. This will enable students to get ideas and information about important questions of their subjects. Physics, Chemistry, Biology are important Science subjects that need more attention and focus. We provide you with questions and their point of reference. We provide you important questions of each grade from class 1 to 2nd year.

Here are some reasons why our study question will be important for students in their board tests.

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These are some important questions of Biology for class 12 :

  1. Give the names of some major ecosystems on land in Pakistan.
  2. What are fresh water lakes?
  3. What is plankton? Write its division.
  4. Write about animals and plant life in Coniferous Alpine and Boreal Forests.
  5. Name the regions f open water area.
  6. Define ecosystem.
  7. What is terrestrial ecosystem?
  8. What are biotic and abiotic factors?
  9. What factors influence the life on land?
  10. Define population and community.
  11. What is temperature on poles.
  12. Discuss mutualism and commensalism.
  13. Write the subdivision of forest ecosystem.
  14. What are biomes and habitat
  15. What do you know about temperature and Deciduous Forests.
  16. Define predation. Also write significance of Paracitism.
  17. Name the plants of temperature Deciduous forests.
  18. Define Niche and Lichens.
  19. What is soil condition in temperature Deciduous forests.
  20. Define food chain and food web.
  21. Write impact of human on temperature Deciduous forests.
  22. Write the principal stages of nitrogen cycle.
  23. What is coelom?
  24. What are neoblasts? Enlist the types of cytoplasm on the basis of colors in fertilized eggs.
  25. Differentiate between growth and development.
  26. What is open growth.
  27. What is Discoidal Cleavage.
  28. Compare epiblast with hypoblast?
  29. Differentiate between area pellucida and area opeca.
  30. What is meristem.
  31. What are the three major classes of RNA?
  32. What is the function of RNA polymerase in transcription.
  33. What is the difference between codon and anticodon?
  34. What is Karyotype and genome.
  35. What is central Dogma?
  36. How Heterochromatin differ from Euchromatin?
  37. What are nucleosomes?
  38. What is sigma factor?
  39. What is point mutation?
  40. What do you know about one gene polypeptide.
  41. What are Okazaki fragments.
  42. What is difference of DNA replications between prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
  43. What is core enzyme?
  44. Differentiate acrocentric and telocentric chromosome.
  45. Define homeoastasis.
  46. Define excretion.
  47. What is isotonic and hypertonic solution?
  48. What is hypotonic solution.
  49. What are hydrophytes?
  50. What are osmoconformers?
  51. What are osmoregulators?
  52. What are zerophytes?
  53. Define anhydrobiosis with an example.
  54. What is a renal failure.
  55. Why does filtration takes place only at glomeruli part of nephron and nowhere else?
  56. What is meant by disc slip?
  57. What is pulvinus.
  58. Give two functions of exoskeleton of arthopods.
  59. Compare epi-cuticle with procuticle?
  60. Note on locomotion in jelly fish.
  61. Write the name of facial bones?
  62. What is rigor mortis?
  63. How does tendon differ from ligament?
  64. What is role of vascular cambium?
  65. Define and give the process of Ecdysis.
  66. List the function of skeleton.
  67. What is nutrient cycle?
  68. What are natural cycles?
  69. Why natural cycles have no beginning and no end?
  70. Why we say that earth is self-sustained unit?
  71. Name three units which upset the nutrient cycle.
  72. What do you mean by degradation and depletion of resources?
  73. Why forests are called environmental buffers?
  74. Define restoration.
  75. Give two causes of water pollution.
  76. Define water pollution.
  77. What is pollution and pollutants?
  78. Write harmful effects of lead compounds?
  79. Write Harmful effects of CFCs.
  80. Write harmful effects of Oxides of nitrogen.
  81. What are harmful effects of Carbon monoxide?
  82. Write sources of CFCs.
  83. What is Sewage?
  84. What is the effect of oil pollution of the sea?
  85. What is effect of detergents in water?
  86. What is effect of over hunting and over fishing?
  87. Why man is called terrestrial animal?
  88. What is the effect of overuse of water resources?
  89. What are plasmids? Give example.
  90. What is ex vivo and in vivo gene therapy?
  91. Define Probe.
  92. What are hydrothermal vents?
  93. What is PCR?
  94. State Endosymbiont hypothesis.
  95. Give uses of DNA printing technology.
  96. Define population genetics.
  97. What is genome?
  98. How does fossil record provide evidence of evolution?
  99. Define term homology?
  100. What is gene sequencing?
  101. What are vestigial organs?
  102. What are transgenic organisms?
  103. What is spirochete?
  104. What is cystic Fibrosis?
  105. Write down any two main points of Darwin’s work.
  106. How cancer patients are being treated by gene therapy?
  107. What is Biogeography?
  108. What is gene pharming?
  109. Discuss Darwinism
  110. What is reflex are?
  111. What is parthenocarpy?
  112. Differentiate between stimulus and response.
  113. What are spores and seeds.
  114. Write the role of amygdala.
  115. What are apomixes.
  116. How axoms are differ from dendrites?
  117. Write difference between zygote and embryo.
  118. What is epilepsy?
  119. Define fruit set.
  120. What is adrenal cortex? Give its hormones.
  121. Write disadvantages of cloning.
  122. Write functions of Photoreceptors and nociceptors?
  123. Define florigen.
  124. What is imprinting?
  125. Write difference between Oviparous and Viviparous animals.
  126. Differentiate between cranial and spinal nerves.
  127. What is FSH?
  128. What is difference between CNS and PNS.
  129. Define follicle atresia.
  130. Define the term hormone.
  131. Define Cir-Cadian rhythm.
  132. Define genital herpes.
  133. Define Oestrous Cycle.
  134. What is cell cycle. Write down its phases.
  135. What is Tumor.
  136. Differentiate between karyokinesis & cytokinesis.
  137. What is Go?
  138. Define mitosis.
  139. What happen in G2 phase life cycle.
  140. Define Metastasis.
  141. Define crossing over.
  142. Difference between Diplotene and Diakinesis.
  143. What is autosomal non disjunction?
  144. What is product rule?
  145. What is Punnet square.
  146. Why mendel is famous for.
  147. Difference between gene and gene pool.
  148. Define law of segregation.
  149. Difference between Wild type and mutant.
  150. What is antiserum.
  151. What is Erythroblastosis foetails?
  152. What is pleiotropy? Give two examples.
  153. What are sectors?
  154. Why phenotype O is called universal donor?

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