Chapter 16 Chemistry Important Questions

HBSS provides an online platform for students. This will enable students to get ideas and information about important questions of their subjects. Physics, Chemistry, Biology are important Science subjects that need more attention and focus. We provide you with questions and their point of reference. We provide you important questions of each grade from class 1 to 2nd year.

Here are some reasons why our study question will be important for students in their board tests.

  • Our Experience teachers made these questions based on deep learning.
  • Our answers are easy to read and understand for students.
  • Save students time by giving them key questions for each chapter’s.

These are some important questions of chemistry chapter 16 for class 10 :

1- State four benefits of Solvay process.
2- What is electro refining? Discuss the different changes that take place during electro refining of copper.
3- Explain the manufacturing of Urea with the help of chemical reactions. Also draw flow sheet for Urea manufacturing.
4- How is copper ore concentrated by Forth flotation process?
5- Write two main steps of Solvay’s process supported with chemical equations.
6- Write a note on concentration of ores by magnetic separation technique.
7- With the help of a flow sheet diagram explain the manufacture of urea.
8- Define the followings: Mineral, Ore and Metallurgy.

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