Chapter 13 Physics Important Questions

HBSS provides an online platform for students. This will enable students to get ideas and information about important questions of their subjects. Physics, Chemistry, Biology are important Science subjects that need more attention and focus. We provide you with questions and their point of reference. We provide you important questions of each grade from class 1 to 2nd year.

Here are some reasons why our study question will be important for students in their board tests.

  • Our Experience teachers made these questions based on deep learning.
  • Our answers are easy to read and understand for students.
  • Save students time by giving them key questions for each chapter’s.

These are some important questions of physics for class 10 :

  1. What is the construction of compound microscope?
  2. Write the construction and working of telescope?
  3. Differentiate between insulators and conductors.
  4. What is meant by electrostatic induction?
  5. Define gold leaf electroscope.
  6. State Coulombs Law.
  7. What is meant by electric field?
  8. Give the direction of electric intensity?
  9. Write the differences between gravitational force and electrostatic force.
  10. Write the properties of electric field lines of force.
  11. Define electric potential.
  12. What is meant by the potential difference between two points?
  13. What is an electric volt?
  14. Write the similarities between electrostatic fierce and gravitational force.
  15. Define capacitor.
  16. Write some characteristics of parallel combination of capacitors.
  17. Write some characteristics of series combination of capacitors.
  18. Define capacitance.
  19. Show that potential difference can be described as energy transferred per unit charge between the two points.
  20. Explain combination of capacitors in series and in parallel with diagrams. Also find an expression for their equivalent capacitances Ceq.
  21. Does each capacitor carry equal charge in series combination? Explain briefly.

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